Saturday, August 15, 2009

Yeah! My first post for 2009!

I am seriously in need of keeping up with this blog. I love writing, I like writing about daily things, yet this blog eludes me for some reason. I much prefer the format of this then the other blog I barely keep up with (Livejournal). Yikes!

I have picked up stitching and there....but so many things compete for my interests lately. I've started the Denali Institute for the study of Runes and I am currently working on the Elder Troth, the pre-lore precursor to the Lore Program through the Troth. I like reading and studying stuff like that. It keeps my mind sharp and focused.

I have met many wonderful people at Trothmoot 2009 and some have added me to their Facebook lists. It's good to see what's going on with their daily lives and to see other people I do have some things in common with. I hope to get to know other people better.

It is also great to have found some of my former stitching buddies *waves to them* I am trying to keep up with them and their stitching progress...I albums leave a lot to be desired but it's encouraging and inspiring to follow their progress and see the projects they are working on now.

I am in the midst of a Tarot bag exchange and have the needed materials to work on my bags for my exchange partner. She has already mailed hers off to me...I must get cracking! do I make a blog that fits all of my interests? Tarot, Heathenry, Lore, Stitching and other things of interest...including some stuff from Law from my studies when I was in school.
I guess I could make sub-blogs, but have a hel of a time keeping up with just this one. So I guess I'll post what I feel like and deal with it then. So many little time.

At least I got the entry in for 2009, lmao!

I'm currently getting my apartment ready to rehouse an african grey parrot...might even blog about that experience. We shall see!

I love writing to myself and for those who even bother to read this or follow me, thanks. I'm glad you care about what I think and I hope to hear what you think on your blogs too.

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Mouse said...

Yay, you're back, kind of!! Hope to see you blogging more, esp since I can't see your LJ one :)