Thursday, October 30, 2008

W.I.P.'s and update (somewhat)

Yep, I figured I'd better put in another post before NOVEMBER comes knocking on my door.
Lately I've been itching to stitch and have found some great freebies on the internet (all legal) mostly from a great thread on EMS's freebie forum (thanks to Birthe who keeps it up and others who contribute). It's strange....I feel like Rip Van Winkle in many ways as I took a hiatus from stitching for about three years due to a heavy courseload in college...I graduate and things have seemed to change so much!!!! But I am fortunate to have run into some of my stitching friends from a previous group so it's good to touch base with some people that I do know.

My current "small" w.i.p.'s are the skinner sisters "Runic Alphabet" I plan to turn it into a rune bag for my runes that the bradness and kids have gifted me for Mother's day.

I'm also stitching a redwork snowflake, I need to make two more then it will be *hopefully* a three sided ornament. At Michaels today, they had some glass beads with pearls at 50% so I grabbed a thread to incorporate with this ornie. I'll post pictures when I figure out how to upload and get around this blog!

Overall, it's nice considering that I haven't stitched in ages. I also finished a tiny squirrel that I have dubbed "Ratatosk" and will make him into a small scissors fobs. Anyone have a great site that shows interesting ways to make a fob? Please share!

I just kitted up Witches Stitches "Nordic Rune Sampler". Most likely it's my next project and probably will be a long-term Work in Progress....I tend to want to start more things then finishing them.

It's funny...when I started stitching ages ago, it's amazing how my tastes in stitching have changed...I went from my amish phase when I started out... to many I see with the changes in the three years I have been "out of the loop"...I'm wanting to try my hand at a biscournu to having a growing interest in blackwork and redwork. Overall, while I see that an interest in cross stitch has waned a bit, there is still plenty out there for me to get involved again. Over all, it's a great feeling. I feel like I'm "coming home" again so to speak.

Wooo fingers itch to stitch again!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I suppose I should post more then once a year....

I tried the Livejournal is not for me. I think I will stick with this genre and with a few sister stitchers who have blogs here already, I think I will build up this blog instead. I hope to be able to incorporate most of my interests here. Time will tell. We shall see and all that jazz.....

Gigi is now in a nursing home full-time and much further then I am able to drive to see here as often as I would like. I miss her. She is depressed and slowly declining. I try to do what I can, but there isn't much I can do.

I have graduated October 7th and once I get the childcare situation figured out, will be seeking full-time employment as a paralegal/legal secretary/law clerk...whatever I can do to get my foot in the door. It shall be interesting to see where I end up.

I will be signing up for a woodcarving class in December. I am interested in learning more about woodworking and carving and eventually furniture making. My great-grandfather (Gigi's father) made furniture. My dresser in my room is made by him. His father before him was a harness and buggy maker, so we have a rich history of working with our hands. I am also a lucky recipient of a cross stitched piece of linen by my great-grandmother (Gigi's mother) I will have to post a picture. The back is absolutely pristine and so I have much to strive to match.

I am currently working on a mini blackwork rune sampler by Skinner Sisters and hope to make it into a pouch for my runes. I shall have to post that. I hope to complete it by tonight.

Other than I will have more free time now that school is over and I shall look forward to building up this blog, keeping in touch with old friends, and hopefully making new friends as well.